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Who can rent a studio apartment in ERNAS HAUS?

In general, students come first. Either exchange students spend­ing one or two semes­ters in Vorarl­berg or inter­na­tional students who’ve chosen to study full-time in our region. If there are any studios avail­able, we’re happy to offer them to other single tenants.

How can I rent a studio apartment?

Exchange students can book their studio via FH Vorarlberg’s Inter­na­tional Office in Dorn­birn. You can also send a request via our website www​.ernashaus​.at or via e‑mail ta.su1702265342ahsan1702265342re@li1702265342am1702265342.

When is my booking confirmed?

Your book­ing is confirmed as soon as we receive your €1,000 deposit.

What are the contract and cancellation terms?

We’ll be happy to send you all the detailed condi­tions upon your request. Students book our studio apart­ments per semes­ter (5 months). Once an apart­ment has been booked and you have paid the deposit confirm­ing the book­ing, you can only cancel if there’s a new tenant ready to take your place. Until further clar­i­fi­ca­tion, we’ll keep at least your deposit. If you cancel your contract during your stay, you will be required to pay rent for the entire semester.

How do I pay rent?

Monthly upon sign­ing the rental contract. The tenant is respon­si­ble for paying any addi­tional expenses. Students at FH Vorarl­berg can pay for one semes­ter (5 months) in advance.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes, we will send you a book­ing confir­ma­tion once we’ve received your deposit.

Can I also rent a studio for a short time?

There will be a short rental supple­ment of €100 for short term rentals of up to two months.



Where is ERNAS HAUS in Dornbirn located?

ERNAS HAUS is located on Winder­hof in the Ober­dorf district, close to FH Vorarl­berg (5 minutes on foot).

Can I reach ERNAS HAUS via public transport?

Yes. Once you arrive at the train station, take the local no. 10 bus to the bus stop Sebas­tianstraße (right next to ERNAS HAUS), or take bus no. 2 or 3, or one of inter­city busses 20, 23, 47, 50 or 52 and get off at Stadt­bad Dorn­birn or Säger­brücke respec­tively (5–7 minute walk­ing distance).

How long does it take to reach ERNAS HAUS on foot from the train station?

It takes around 15–20 minutes to walk to ERNAS HAUS from Dorn­birn train station.

Are there any parking spaces at ERNAS HAUS?

There are four park­ing spots avail­able for a monthly fee of €50. There are several spots avail­able at the house for load­ing or unload­ing a car (when moving in or out).

Are the studio apartments equipped with tableware?

No, but you’re free to pick items from the house’s shared supply of table­ware, cutlery, and cook­ing pots. Please clean the items and return them when moving out.

Are the studio apartments equipped with bedding?

No. Only the mattress, with a cover and a sheet, is included. Bedding and duvet covers can be rented for €50 per semester.

Am I allowed to have visitors in my studio apartment?

Yes. As part of Winder­hof, ERNAS HAUS is open, hospitable, and happy to welcome visi­tors from all over. Of course, we expect mutual consid­er­a­tion between the tenants and adher­ence to the house rules.

Can friends/my partner/my mother or my father stay overnight?

The studio apart­ments were planned to be rented to one person only, also in regards to the price. However, on a case-by-case basis – and upon agree­ment with the ERNAS HAUS team – we can surely find a solution.

Can I bring a pet?

No, no pets are allowed in ERNAS HAUS.

Am I allowed to smoke in ERNAS HAUS?

No, ERNAS HAUS is a non-smok­ing residence.

Are there any shopping facilities and/or restaurants nearby?

Yes, plenty. Our very own farm shop is right on your doorstep at Winder­hof. There are vari­ous grocery shops (super­mar­kets, bakeries, cheese shop) in close prox­im­ity (approx. 5 minutes on foot). There are also vari­ous restau­rants, many of which offer take-away services, nearby.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

The near­est phar­macy, Salva­torapotheke, is a few minutes’ walk away on Mark­t­straße 52.

Are there any community activities I can take part in?

The Winder family is very enthu­si­as­tic when it comes to both sports and culture. You’ll always find new tips and sugges­tions on our Green Board. Join a group or the Winder­hof-Team or explore Erna’s tracks by yourself.

Am I responsible for cleaning certain areas of the house?

All shared spaces are cleaned and main­tained by our clean­ing staff. The studio apart­ments must be care­fully main­tained and kept clean by the tenants. The entire house (includ­ing the studios) is cleaned by our clean­ing staff once a month. Our clean­ing staff also checks on the tidi­ness of each studio during the monthly clean.

Who’s responsible for the final clean when I move out of the apartment?

All tenants clean the studio apart­ments them­selves. If the apart­ment has not been cleaned prop­erly, any addi­tional clean­ing expenses will be subtracted from the deposit.



How can students book a studio apartment in ERNAS HAUS?

Exchange students can book their stay via FH Vorarlberg’s Inter­na­tional Office. Regu­lar students and inter­na­tional students study­ing a full programme at FH Vorarl­berg can get in touch via the follow­ing e‑mail-address ta.su1702265342ahsan1702265342re@li1702265342am1702265342 or via our website.

How far is it from FH Vorarlberg to ERNAS HAUS?

You can reach the FH Vorarl­berg in 5 minutes on foot.

Where can students go for lunch?

There are plenty of oppor­tu­ni­ties around FH Vorarl­berg, and since ERNAS HAUS is so close, you can also have lunch in your studio.

Does ERNAS HAUS cooperate with FH Vorarlberg?

FH Vorarlberg’s Inter­na­tional Office works very closely with ERNAS HAUS.



What sport activities can I do around ERNAS HAUS?

  • There are marked and recom­mended paths for walk­ing, running and hiking, moun­tain bike trails, and bike racing trails all in close prox­im­ity to ERNAS HAUS.
  • The clos­est indoor pool, Stadt­bad Dorn­birn, is a 5 minute walk away.
  • Dornbirn’s climb­ing hall is near the train station.
  • The Bödele ski area (for alpine skiing and ski tours) is located almost right outside the door and can be reached in 15 minutes by bus. All of the large ski areas in Vorarl­berg are easily acces­si­ble by public transport.
  • Many sports clubs and the Alpine Asso­ci­a­tion Dorn­birn offer vari­ous activ­i­ties that are open to the public.

Is there anywhere to safely store my sports equipment – mountain bike, racing bike, skis, backpack etc.?

Each studio apart­ment has its own cellar compart­ment, around 3 m², and a spot in our bike garage.

What cultural events does Dornbirn and the surroundings have to offer?

There’s plenty: You can enjoy perfor­mances at Theater Tik in the Stadthalle or music at the venues Conrad Sohm or Spiel­bo­den. Visit the nature museum Inatura, the Art Space Kunstraum Dorn­birn, vai – the Insti­tute for Archi­tec­ture in Vorarl­berg, the contem­po­rary art gallery Kunsthaus Bregenz and much more. The culture here is truly diverse!

What activities are on offer at Winderhof?

All tenants at ERNAS HAUS are welcome at the Winder­hof family farm. Depend­ing on the season, you can take part in vari­ous activ­i­ties on our agri­cul­tural farm: Cutting aspara­gus, pick­ing straw­ber­ries, carv­ing pump­kins, harvest­ing plums etc.

Where can I rent a bike?

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