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ERNAS HAUS on Winderhof

The Winder­hof is char­ac­ter­ized by steep roofs with pointed gables. This is where our family lives and works. The orig­i­nal farm­house was built in 1828. On the roof, there is a forged metal rose­bush that reminds us that this used to be a locksmith’s shop back in the day. In 2015, Winder­hof was expanded by the local archi­tects Lude­scher + Lutz, who inte­grated a barn into the complex. Further reno­va­tions and expan­sions led to ERNAS HAUS with its 18 studio apart­ments that complete this ensem­ble in Ober­dorf, Dornbirn.


The Winderhof


Sebastianstraße 12,6850 Dornbirn

Original farmhouse and shop

Sebastianstraße 7,6850 Dornbirn

Winderhof barn

Sebastianstraße 7,6850 Dornbirn


FH Vorarlberg

Distance: 700 m, 9 minute walk

Dornbirn city center

Distance: 1.300 m, 15 minute walk

Karrenseilbahn valley station

Distance: 1.100 m, 13 minute walk

Lake Constance

Distance: 11 km, 11 minutes by car

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